Email and the small business

Often people complain about usage of email.  Most of the times, email is utilized to create long interactions, when it can be used to close frontiers and also to communicate shortly and effectively.  My opinion is that email is an outstanding tool designed to communicate faster and effectively and provide an economical tool for small businesses to expand their customer base.

Firstly, it is widely known that email is under abuse in certain organizations.   Why to use email to discuss complicated agendas when meeting should be in place?  For some people, this is a way to avoid responsibility for their words and ideas. Wouldn’t be any of those issues resolved faster it they actually try to debate personally in appropriate meetings?  The response is yes, but the common action is to create gigantic email chains; with the only output of being distracting and time consuming.

Secondly, email cannot be satanized as a negative tool.   Actually, if used correctly, email can be used to expand the installed customer base of a small business.  For example, after having the chance to present a business model to a potential customer, email is the perfect method to provide more information, as requested. Therefore, email here is used as powerful and direct marketing tool.  Could any other method to be considered as fast and effective when suffering from small budgets for promotion purposes?  Email then, should be thought as really practical from that perspective.

Thirdly, if used to expand the customer database, why not to think internationally?  Email can be used to maintain contact with people from outside the country.  As an example, symposiums, trade fairs, and conferences are the perfect place to interact with foreign clients. Why not to use it as a tool for a first contact?  Because the email is coming from a perfect stranger, thus, there is no reason to trust its information.  However, it is highly recommended as a mechanism to continue conversations with people that demonstrated interest in the business concept.

As summary, while email is a tool can be misunderstood as an evasive channel to avoid people and conflict;  others can foreseen it as a fast track towards new customers and new countries to develop the commercial processes.  In conclusion, small business should take action in considering email as an effective tool to increase customers, and improve internal communication.  The challenge resides in every people’s minds.


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